About Us

Epistle #1.....sorry this is so long

I've done professional photography for over 35 years and have experience in most areas of the craft. When I began photography it was mostly done in black and white. Color portraits were produced by hand painting brown-toned prints with oil paints. In the old, old days, I took pictures with film, processed and made prints in my darkroom, and hand painted each portrait. It was a lot of work but the portraits from that era are nice. As color film evolved (not until the 70's and 80's), portraits were printed by a professional lab as the processing equiptment was too complex and expensive for the average professional photographer. Custom protraits were produced by applying various kinds of artwork (oils, dyes, pastels, pencils, etc.), directly to each print. THINGS ARE WAY DIFFERENT NOW!

As you know, we live in a digital world now. All of my work is now done with digital equiptment. I spend hours and hours in front of a computer, processing 'images'. I do all of my retouching, color corrections, effects and enhancements on the computer. This is tedious work, but it allows me a great deal of control over what my finished images look like. I spent a great deal of money on color calibration equiptment which allows me to send my images to a professional lab, for printing on traditional siler-halide print materials....no inkjet prints here.
I seal portrait and wedding prints with waterproof, uv protective laquer .

Why do I bring all this up? It's a matter of pride. I think that my personal evolution and experience in photography and printmaking has given me a unique perspective about quality and that it is reflected in my work. I take pride in it! I'm willing to spend the extra time and effort to produce the best quality work that I know how.